Hello and welcome to my website.My name is George and I live in Athens Hellas(Greece). I have always been fascinated with bushcrafting,living off the land and enjoyed nature,from a very small age.I had my first knife collection at the age of twelve,counting thirteen knives :-)
I became a boyscout at around the age of ten so living in the forest,camping,hiking,bushcrafting etc was a big part of my life,till I reached adulthood.
All these experiences led me where I am today,making my own knives to be used by myself, or anyone else who wants a handmade knife on their side on their adventures outdoors :-)

My knives are all made with the best materials I can get my hands on,the idea being that they will be used on the field and they must be reliable.I will not carry a knife with me that I dont feel I can depend on in a trip.

I make everything by hand using traditional  techniques and the finest materials,ranging from the leather on the sheaths,to the handle material,to the high carbon steel on the blades.

All the blades I use at the moment are handforged either by myself or by experienced blacksmiths, and since I have hands on experience with them, I know I can depend on them when needed.

This website was set up in order to record my progress on my knife making hobby,as well as share my trips in the forests of Greece and perhaps share opinions and learn new things.
Thanks for taking the time to read this,stay tuned and check out my blog.

I am sure you will find something interesting here  :-)